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Student's Speak

Admission :


1)      A student must produce the identify card issued by the college whenever it is demanded by the college officials.

2)     Students should not stand or loiter in the corridor during working hours.

3)     The students should not bring any outsider inside the college campus.

4)     No students is allowed to leave a lecture hall without the lecturer’s permission.

5)     Disciplinary action will be taken against any student found in possession of or under the influence of drugs
        or alcohol.

6)     Students are forbidden to during firecrackers to the college campus.

8)     Books, periodicals or papers of an objectionable nature should not be brought in to the campus. mpus.

9)     Insubordination, habitual in attention, neglect of work, unbecoming languages or conduct obscenity in word
        or deed render a student liable to temporary or permanent dismissal.

10)   The campus must be kept clean at all times. Littering with wrappers, waste paper, etc defacing the walls or e
        walls or desks, damaging college property, etc are offenses.

11)   The students should not be involved himself / herself in unlawful activities that violates decorum, discipline
        and dignity of the college.

12)   The student should not go to the media without the prior permission of the principal.

13)   Staying in the college hostel is compulsory for outstations.



Nursing profession which demands attractive service from its members, exert self discipline at a personal level and general discipline in the campus. Therefore ·    

   Regular attendance as well as punctuality is expected from the students at lecturers, demonstration, clinical
       experiences, field work and other such academic exercises. ·    

   Students are also required to present themselves modest neat and tidy in their dress avoiding exaggerated
       fashions. The students should wear the prescribed complete uniform during their clinical practices.

   A sense of decorum and discipline is expected from every student in the hospital as well as in the entire
       campus. Ragging is strictly prohibited.

   Students should refrain from disfiguring wall and furniture and from other objective able practices. In case of
       breakages / loss of hospital / hostel articles those shall be made good and promptly. Failure to meet the
       demand during the stipulated time shall incur a penalty.