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Our Facilities

Computer Lab

Facilities :

Computer Center:

We have got a well equipped computer lab with internet connection and Helinet facility which enable the students to watch any events happening around the world such as international conferences of medical and nonmedical importance.

Hostel and Food :

Kumuda Institute of nursing sciences provides accommodation for resident students with Kerala and Karnataka style food, spacious and well furnished rooms, warden supervision and telephone facilities. The rooms are bathroom attached.


Our institution has well established transport department with separate bus for boys and girls reserved for the institution which move around very frequently from the campus to the city and around major routes. Safety precautions have been taken at high alert.

General Instruction: Vacation

At the end of the year there will be 30 days of annual holiday for the students. Those who are making absentees during the course are not permitted to take vacation.

  Sick Leave :

    Sick leave should not be accumulated more than 10 days per year.

   Sick leave will be granted on the basis of a certificate from a registered medical practitioner authorized by the

   Any leave taken by the students beyond the limit has to made up in the next year. The limit should not be crossed in the final year.

   In case of crossing, the students will be asked to make up for the number of days he/she was absent.

   Normally, no other leave will be granted for social events in the family.


Uniform :
    All the students are requested to wear uniform prescribed by the institution.